The Ultimate Revelation of Ethan Klein Net Worth 2021

Ethan Klein Net Worth 2021: $22 million. Ethan Klien is a YouTuber and he has made his net worth mostly out of his Youtube Channels: H3H3 productions, Ethan and Hila, H3 podcast, and H3 podcast highlight. Altogether he has 12.39 million subscribers and 3 billion views. Out of 20 million dollars of net assets, $9 million is attributed to his youtube channels which he manages with his wife Hila Klein. The rest of $14 million is linked with his philanthropist and real estate investor business.

Quick Overview: Ethan Klein

Net Worth:$22 Million
Profession:Professional YouTuber
Date of Birth:June 24, 1985
Country:United States of America
Height:1.8 m

Ethan Klein Biography

In 2009, Ethan Klien completed his graduation in English literature from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Later he moved to Isreal and initiated his career as a marketing executive. He met his wife Hila Klein and they both created a YouTube channel with the name H3H3 production. The content mostly revolves around sketchy comedy and reaction videos. Hila is seen doing commentary and giving criticism. In 2016, the channel marked its way to 1 million subscribers.

Immense popularity landed them into making more channels namely; Ethan and Hila, H3 podcast, and H3 podcast highlight. In total, he has 12.39 million subscribers, 3 billion views, and over 700 videos on his channels crossing over $9 million of revenue.

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H3H3 production’s most popular video is ‘VAPE NATION’ with over 27 million views and has raked in over $100k. In 2018 he created H3H3: Ball Rider Game, and it surely added to his net total assets.

H3 Podcast

His H3 Podcast has contributed substantially to Ethan Klein’s wealth. A new episode is aired thrice a week. The show premiered on April 8th, 2017. Klein streams the podcasts live on twitch. tv and then uploads them to his YouTube channel. Some of Europe’s most famous personalities have taken part in Ethan’s H3 podcast, such as PewDiePie, Post Malone, DJ Khaled, Bella Thorne, and Trisha Paytas.

Clothing Line: Teddy Fresh

A clothing company named Teddy Fresh was founded in October 2017 by Ethan Klein’s wife. The self-design brand produces color-blocked sweaters, t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, caps, and socks. Despite being a separate business entity from the fashion line, its apparel is advertised both on the H3H3 YouTube channel and elsewhere.

Summing Up

Ethan Klein Net worth: $22 million is self-explanatory to answer whether he is rich or not. Most of his income is driven by Youtube Channels. He is a philanthropist and has been actively involved in multiple charity events too.


What is Ethan Klien’s net worth in 2021?

$22 million.

What is Ethan and Hila’s net worth?

Since they both work together, $22 million is a combined net worth.

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