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How to write on a pdf? Is that bothering you too? We know, it’s frustrating when you can write on pdf. But need not worry! We have got you covered. You may want to sign a pdf or make changes to the text, but perhaps you can. To write on pdf, you need a good online editor that can help you write on pdf. Here is how to write on a pdf.

In this article we will be covering:

  • How to write on a pdf in Word
  • How to write on a pdf on Mac/PC
  • How to write on a pdf Smallpdf
  • How to write on a pdf Google Docs
  • How to write on a pdf Adobe

How to write on a PDF in Word

Follow the steps to learn how to write on a PDF in Word:

  • Launch Microsoft Word
  • Choose File > Open, then select a PDF file you want to write on.
  • Click on the file you want to open.
  • A new dialogue box will open. Click on OK. 
  • The selected file is shown in the View window on the right. Now you can write on PDF.

Microsoft advises that big files take longer to load and that the formatting in Word may differ from the original PDF. According to Microsoft, text documents transfer and reflow better than papers containing a lot of charts, tags, bookmarks, footnotes, and/or modifications.

How to write on a PDF on Mac

The easiest way to learn how to write on a pdf on Mac or PC is to utilize Adobe Photoshop – as you can open PDFs straightforwardly in that application, picking which pages you need or opening all as various layers or reports. The humble screengrab may also be helpful to draw on pictures.

If you have a PDF with different pages, docfly will allow you to change this into various JPGs for nothing. Be that as it may, we know nothing about the individuals behind it – so it’s most likely most secure not to utilize this for authoritative archives you need to comment on. 

How to write on a PDF Smallpdf

Follow the steps to learn how to write on a PDF in Smallpdf:

Step 1: Open the Smallpdf website. To begin with, click the “Edit PDF” button.

Step 2: Drag and drop the PDF into the editor, or use the “Choose file” option to choose a PDF from your PC.

Step 3: Use the “Add text” button to begin altering the PDF. Change the font size, color, and text by using the settings on the top menu bar. You may also use the PDF to add pictures, shapes, or freehand comments.

Step 4: Once you have made edits, you can download your file.

How to write on a PDF Google Docs

Follow the steps to learn how to write on a PDF in Google Docs:

Stage 1: Go to Google Docs and sign in to your account. 

Stage 2: Upload your document by tapping on the file icon on the base right corner and selecting the “Upload” button to add a PDF from your PC. If the PDF is as of now on google drive simply pick “My Drive” to get to it. 

Stage 3: Click on the “Open with Google Docs” symbol to start the altering interaction. 

Stage 4: You can straightforwardly edit the report. You can change the style, text style, size, and even add pictures by tapping on the related symbols. 

Stage 5: After editing, explore the “File” drop-down menu, click the “Download” option, and select “PDF File” to save the edited PDF on your PC.

How to write on a PDF Adobe

Follow the steps to learn how to write on a PDF on Adobe:

Step 1: Download Adobe Acrobat Pro DC from the Adobe website.

Step 2: Open Adobe Acrobat Pro Dc. Click the “File” then select “Open” to upload the PDF file to be edited.

Step 3: Select the “Tools” then select “Edit PDF.”

Step 4: Click the “Add Text” icon to edit the PDF. From the menu bar on the left-hand side, you can change the text’s size, color, and format.

Step 5: From the drop-down “File” menu, rename the document and click “Save”  to save the document.

How to write on a PDF app

You can also download an app that will assist you with editing documents on your mobile sets. 

You can also write on pdf on your iPad.These were some easy methods to follow to learn how to write on PDF. Do you have another method for how to write on a PDF? Please share your methods and ideas in the comments!


How to write on a pdf document?

Open PDF file>Edit Text>Click On pencil icon.

How to write on a pdf window for free?

You can use: Write on PDF. XODO. doPDF. BullZip PDF Printer.

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